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About LearnNet

LearnNet has been assisting academic institutions since 2010. Creating or modifying curriculum, training teachers, working with locally with educators to accomplish specific learning goals.  We’ve collaborated with school systems and education ministries and teamed with top universities to improve the learning of students under their care and guidance. 

Our learning systems have delivered education modules and full courses 100’s of thousands of learners, on-line and on-campus.  

Locally or system wide, the goal may be improved academic results or work skills accreditation and certification.

Recently in response to COVID,  LearnNet began offering remote proctoring, high stakes environment, testing solutions.

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M-F: 9am – 5:00pm US or UK times 

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15 Stratton St, Mayfair, London W1J 8LQ

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Popular Courses

Emotional Intelligence

This program teaches the unique qualities and skills in all of us how students can nurture them so they are well prepared to tackle the challenges we all encounter in life.

This program helps students develop an exciting and valuable set of personal skills – essential life skills – to help in everyday life and to enable them to fulfil their potential. A full course designed for smartphone – in class or remote.

Cyber Citizenship

With the rise in mobile internet and the popularity of devices such as smartphones, we are online more than we have ever been before. Recently more people than ever have been learning and working from home – our new normal. It is essential that you know how to use your internet-connected devices safely and securely. A full course designed for smartphone – in class or remote.


Welcome to Physics – Students brush up on all the key topics they need to know for exams.

Throughout this app there are lots of questions to help check knowledge and practice writing explanations. Fully immersive and interactive with video and audio built into the program. Forces in motion, Electromagnetism, waves, space are just a few of the chapters students can access by smartphone.

For Teachers

Active Questioning

Questioning is one of the many skills that all teachers draw on and use every day in their lessons. It is so fundamental to teaching that it is easy to stop thinking about how it is done.

Active Questioning is about getting more for your ask in normal everyday lessons. It pushes pupils to think hard and scale up the quality of their responses. A full course designed for smartphone.

Active Reading

This course aims to explore and develop strategies which you can use to help pupils to access and interact with texts in your lesson in a way that supports thinking skills and develops reading comprehension. 

New methods include discussions of Directed Activities Related to Texts, collaborative work and the value and techniques of  proper note taking. Great teaching aids for smartphone. 

Promoting Inclusion

As educators, we have all felt, from time to time, that there must be ‘another way’ – a better way – to engage with our more vulnerable or challenging learners.  Supporting children with complex needs, or with severe difficulties around behaviour, socialisation or emotional wellbeing, can be extremely difficult for teachers. We’ve all had pupils who, it seems, simply will not engage. This course offers new solutions.

Proven LMS Solutions


You provide the curriculum, we do the rest. LearnNet design pros transform your proven curriculum lessons that make your teaching soar.

Spend more time with your students

Lesson planning, assignment updates and exhibit additions add hours to your week. Leave it to CareerNet and keep those hours for yourself and your students.

In Class or from home, the same lessons.

The world changes. Your accessibility and the quality of your education does not have to. Effective remote teaching through expert design and easy use LMS to any device, tablet, laptop AND smartphone.

Improve and update with an easy request.

New ideas or new requirements. Submit them and LearnNet will make the updates timely and to your requirements.

Any device, any budget.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone. Each available timely and with responsible pricing.

LearnNet and Teachers


Bring your current courses in any form, pdf, word, jpeg, png and yes even .imscc – we can bring them into our secure LMS quickly and easily.  LearnNet will bring smiles to your faculty members.


Turbo charge your learner engagement and learner outcomes. Collaborate with our Curriclum Pros on your new or existing course(s).


Don’t fight the device, embrace it. You provide the content, we design it for your learners. Studies show that students are more engaged on the devices they prefer, engagement = outcomes!

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