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From the start, the LearnNet curriculum team listens. You are the teachers. You know your students best. Working daily with your curriculum team as we have with instructors in varied disciplines, our initial goal is to create a culture of team work with an easy rapport.

Weeks 1 and 2

Drafting, Format, Design

The team at LearnNet draws on its experiences and those of our world class partners to fashion a true curriculum set for implementation. 1 hour or 20 hours, the process is the same. Only delivery times change. We assist your teachers in creating interactive and engaging curriculum. 

Weeks 3 to 8

In-Class or Remote

With LearnNet’s designers, there is no content or delivery difference whether a single student or an entire class is remote. You lecture by video or live. Students use their preferred devices to learn. Your course(s) will be available for download to the device and may be updated as often as needed. 

Updates delivered in 5 days

Secure 99.98% up time

Your content in the hands of LearnNet’s technology team is transformed into engaging, interactive content – designed for smartphone but responsive to tablet and desktop, its made available to your students in the Apple and Google Play stores with your school livery.

Certification, Accreditation

Some schools bring their accreditation process with them to LearnNet. Others rely on LearnNet’s world class accreditation partners for final approval. We recognize each institution has its own unique learning standards. LearnNet builds to yours. 


Things change, relationships change. Our system relys on stable, open platform code and programming language. Should you ever wish to leav us, you can easily take your curriculum with you. We won’t hold you up or hold your curriculum hostage. 

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3050 Horseshoe Drive N. Naples, FL 34104

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