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Improved learner outcomes are the goals. Whether preparing for a higher education or skilled work, LearnNet stays focused on the pathway to success. LearnNet works with teachers at all levels seeking to improve the learning experience and thereby “Outcome” of time spent in and out of the class room. In these challenging times, engagement is crucial. Speak to us about the successes enjoyed by our teachers and their students.
You know the pathway. Work with LearnNet to deliver it quickly.

Our training methodology has been rigorously tested in real world teaching environments and honed over decades. When applied to your curriculum and teaching expertise, the results will amaze students and parents alike. 

Deliver your subject expertise in ways that engage students on their favored devices. iOS  / Android / Windows.

about LearnNet

Founded 2010

Our mandates have been both local and national. Training teachers, building or collaborating on new or existing curriculum. We’ve overhauled curriculum for academic institutions, taught english to non-english speakers, employment skills to secondary school graduates, created new courses for new generations on subjects like cyber security ans social awareness. Through it all we have learned that local teachers are the best educators of students. They understand the local cultures and how to teach to it. That is why we collaborate with them in each one of our education solutions for k-12.

Our Vision for Educators

Supporting our nations’ Schools & Teachers in the provision of world-class education which helps every child and young person they teach to reach his or her potential.

Our Vision for Students

As well as assisting client schools secure strong educational outcomes, we also assist in preparing to each young person has the proper skills when they enter adulthood, to work and to be an active participant in society.

Our Mission

To assist teachers and educators in achieving their goals for students and for the future.  

Recent Milestones for LearnNet


Development and delivery of online English Exams for National Launch.

Developed curriculum for post secondary school level employees – math, accounting, writing, reading, english


Successful completion of National Pilot for 100,00 Online English Exams.


Govt. Contract  – Inspect and Evaluate Training Institutes and CPD Centres focusing on Tutor/Trainer competency and curriculum improvement and oversight.


National Curriculum assessment Online/In School (Covid Impacted) successfully.


Completed development of CPD Course Catalogue and Work Skills Assessment to be launched 2022.

Developed Life Skills course iOS / Android / Windows for Teens – English and Arabic.

Developed Cyber Citizen course iOS / Android / Windows for Teens – English and Arabic.

US Address

3050 Horseshoe Drive N. Naples, FL 34104

UK Address

15 Stratton St, Mayfair, London W1J 8LQ


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