Cost. Technology.

Neither should be a barrier to  education.


LearnNet and its parent companies have worked hard with organizations accross the globe to launch or improve education solutions. Our experience taught us that Learners and Educators must be the primary focus of any education solution.



Deployment by LearnNet

Simple, timely deployment by our LMS experts. Our team does it all. No hassle uploads and course configuration. Training and support for each User level is incuded. 

Core Curriculum Stability

Upload once and amend to suit compliance requirements. Logical hierarchies to protect your core curriculum / library. Plus the flexibility for real time learner level adjustments.

IT Made Simple

Reduces IT workload through out LMS tech experts, a single contact point, live remote help and on-site tech assistance.

Teacher Time Savings

With expert design and real time assistance at your side, our LMS reduces the extra work and pressure other technologies place on your teachers.


Simple to understand, Simple to decide. Unlike virtually all of our competitors, there are no hidden fees. No coding tricks. No expensive add-ons. No installation delays.  

We know each organization is different and that its LMS use case will evolve over time. That’s why all features are included at each price point. We offer discounts based upon payment plan only.


$28.99 per User


$139.00 per User

(That’s $23.16 per month)

Full Year

$249.00 per User

(That’s $20.75 per month)