Students learn better when technology matches their expectations.


Your LMS should be designed for them, for the devices they prefer. With ease of access to the things they need and want. Curriculum, quizzes, tests, grades and teachers. In short, a connected, intuitive, and always available, highly secured and safe learning environment designed by LearnNet.

An LMS designed by LearnNet

As academics, we struggled to find an LMS that made our teachers, learners and administrators happy in a blended teaching environment.  So we designed our own.


Every assigned course to each student available on the device they prefer when they need it. No more lost books, papers or assignments. A student life organized for them. So students are able to prioritize what matters most, learning. Learners have access to what they need from any verified device and easy to configure personal dashboards.


Students of all ages and abilities struggle to manage their schedules. After school activities, exam schedules, due dates for assignments, teacher office hours weave a complex series of requirements unique to each learner. LearnNet created a foolproof calendar solution that automatically pulls and sorts all important events, due dates and calendar items for each student, and allows them to add non-school related events individual to them as well.


Teacher Communication

Secure communication from any verified device. Chat, voice chat, group work, teacher office hours are only a few of the features built into the system. Video remote learning keeps absent students on schedule and increases learner engagement and class particiopation in wired classroom environments.


Student and teacher data is sacrosanct. Living and teaching in the modern connected world requires hundreds of individual accounts each with multiple devices. The challenge is immense for your IT professionals. Thankfully the LearnNet system was designed with security as a pillar. Worry free security is built into the LMS. Speak to us about the security features LearnNet’s LMS brings to your students.

Engaged Parents make better students

When learning outcomes are the primary focus, communication with your learners and their guardians is vital. LearnNet makes it simple and manageable. Easy integration of grading systems and your preferred communication systems allows parents to properly stay in touch with student progress, calendars and teachers meetings.

About LearnNet

LearnNet has been serving institutions of learning for more that a decade. In that time we’ve developed schools, created curriculum, implemented learning systems, and worked hand in hand with teachers and administrators alike. Our learners come form many parts of the world, and speak many languages.

A Challenging Learning environment is where we live.

Each of our deployments has its challenges. That’s why we’ve designed a flexible solution that enables each institution to create workflows and communication the way they prefer. And then we remain available for the term of the agreement. Every day. Life challenging, things change. LearnNet will be there to help navigate daily challenges.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

– Benjamin Franklin

 Learner Engagement

To many its just buzz words. To LearnNet it’s everything. Engagement is a daily discipline. In a blended learning environment stability and availability is vital for teachers and students.

Our LMS deployments have taken us into difficult parts of the world where on-location  teaching and attendence isn’t always easy or possible.

An effective LMS needs to be accessible all the time and by all members of your learning community to maintain engagement.

We’ve included solutions that reduce downtime for students in any environment. Field tested. Focused on engagement.

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